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The CIA Plan to Split the Orthodox Church in Ukraine Has Failed, Undone by Greed and Ambition

Post by gurre » 10 Sep 2019, 07:05

The soviet union dissolved in 1991, thereby creating a series of statelets, Ukraine and the baltics( Estonia, latvia and lithuania) are among in the news up still today. By encouraging dissolve the soviet union,the west did not stop there, they created a formula for a complete detachment of the newly created statelates from russia, culturally and economically. The main target of the west is the culturally, intellectually,and economically rich Russia and its Orthodox Church. Luckily the the west didn’t achieve to overlord Russia using the medium and small newly created statelets, Russia was too big and distinctly Russian even with in the soviet union. Creating and leading the soviet union didn’t make Russia forget its heritage and its distinctive Russian values.They protected Russian uniqueness even when they incorporated others into the union, they let others melt into a Russian Union not themselves melt into the Union.That is how they survived with their Orthodox Christianity the combined attack of the West and the dissolution of the Union they created, but Russia remained strong and getting stronger, the newly created statelets the opposite is true.
President Putin said ones, the dissolution of the soviet union is the biggest crimes of the 20th
century, i think he might have many countries in his mind that dissolved completely or partially in 1991.
You know where i am going, What happened to Ethiopian State in 1991 and what is happening now is a direct consequence of a soviet union syndrome every formula designed for soviet union is applied in Ethiopia successfully.The major player in the creation and running of Ethiopia melted in the Union they created, they didn’t create distinct Amhara Army, Amhara economy, Amhara capital city, as a consequence the modern ethiopian state created by amhara easily crumbled and even the west put a minority to overlord the state and the amaharas themselves, never in the modern history such a thing happened, a state can crumble but the major player/creator remains in one form or other relatively strong.
That is why i say for what happened in 1991 and happening today, It is Emperor Menelik's
responsibility for not creating a powerful Amhara state with in Ethiopia and not putting the center of power in that Amhara state.

If you want to read about Russian Orthodox Church, how it is manipulated by foreign powers in the newly created statelets. ... n/ri27495

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Re: The CIA Plan to Split the Orthodox Church in Ukraine Has Failed, Undone by Greed and Ambition

Post by Ethoash » 10 Sep 2019, 07:15

r u saying

The CIA Plan to Split the Amhara Orthodox Church in Ethiopia hitting up by Greed and Ambition..

ከወደቁ በኋላ መፈራገጥ ለመመላለጥ

the only choice for the Amhara Orthodox is to accept the oromo language service under one Ethiopian Orthodox Church..

the sad thing is the Ethiopian Orthodox acting like Amhara Orthodox Church ... blame it in CIA, KGB, MOSSAD even God the oromo Church is coming the only thing that Ethiopian Orthodox church can do is accepting how to accommodate the oromo Orthodox Church with in it.. if those Ethiopian Church listen to the Amhara Church they will fail and they will be responsible for breaking up the Church...

you can write million litter, you can bring million who said it ... time is marching the oromo is dead right nothing going to move them from their destination.

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Re: The CIA Plan to Split the Orthodox Church in Ukraine Has Failed, Undone by Greed and Ambition

Post by Degnet » 10 Sep 2019, 07:25

Revival will come anyway,ye amene yednal,it is understood that no body can help the other among the savages here.Ethiopiawinet menenet new melkam endnaderg yerdan

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Re: The CIA Plan to Split the Orthodox Church in Ukraine Has Failed, Undone by Greed and Ambition

Post by Selam/ » 10 Sep 2019, 08:46

Ethoash wrote:
10 Sep 2019, 07:15

ከወደቁ በኋላ መፈራገጥ ለመመላለጥ
Woyane rat - Indeed, TPLF thugs have been rattled and knocked out of the game and as their heinous crimes and inherent evil nature comes out, they continue to descend to the rock bottom of ungodliness by turning every stone in the world to dismantle the country. Your deep scars will turn to fatal injuries sooner or later because 👿 evil never succeeds. KIFU!

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