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What the nation should do to advance by Ethwar

Post by Ethwar » 16 Aug 2019, 05:14

The first thing that should be done is setting up highly encrypted servers in multiple states within Ethiopia. These databases should be ran and maintained by Ethiopia.

a) The government should store all identifications in this database and it should be connected to an individual via fingerprint. What this means is if a criminal commits an offense in Amhara region and gets caught in Afar, then all the Afari police will need to do is fingerprint the criminal and his information will be pulled within seconds.

b) The process should be expanded into criminal records, when every Ethiopia is accounted for then there should be bases to keep track of their information. Whenever a criminal is arrested then that information should be reported to the national intelligence database.

2. Mass surveillance, the government should help Ethiopian private companies build factories to produce mass surveillance products and software.

a) Every major street surrounding the downtown area of a large city should have a camera. It will make solving crimes easier and I believe with the help of other nations such as China or United States, it would be possible to gain experiencing in this area.

b) Addis Ababa should be the first city in Ethiopia with surveillance cameras. When Ethiopia advances technologically we can develop even better software that identifies people's faces and uses that to alert authorities.