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Ethiopia will fall if it doesn't catch up technologically

Post by Ethwar » 16 Aug 2019, 05:01

I have these questions to ask for the nation.

1. Is every Ethiopian accounted for and part of a national database?

2. Is every university graduate part of a database within that university? Can a degree be verified?

3. If someone is arrested in Tigray will that be known in Oromia? Is there a database for criminals so that their offenses can be counted and categorized?

4. Does the country have mass surveillance? If someone got shot in Meskel square, would there be video evidence?

All of these questions have one answer, and that's "NO"....

The country is way behind technologically. Its like we are living in the 1970s and the world is living in 2018s. I blame many of these problems on EPRDF and Derg. After the monarchy was overthrown these two forces made sure Ethiopia lagged in technological advancements to keep oppositions from using it.