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የኣዴፓ ማ/ኮ ስብሰባ ጠራ

Post by fana-solo » 14 Jul 2019, 01:00

ልክ እንደ በቀደሙ የብኣዴን ስራ ኣስፈፃሚ ስብሰባ ዛሬም የኣዴፓ ማ/ኮ ስብሰባውን በጋርድ ጥበቃ ስር ሆኖ ያደርግ ይሆን?

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Re: የኣዴፓ ማ/ኮ ስብሰባ ጠራ

Post by Axumawi » 14 Jul 2019, 01:08

This should have been called a week ago and filled the critical posts.

They could not agree even to replace 1 post let alone all.

Shiwa is now up in arms. No representation. There are only enough places in the Executive for Gonder, Gojjam and Wollo.

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