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ኣጋሜና ስንቅ አያደር ይቀላል!

Post by pushkin » 14 Jul 2019, 00:26

TPLF leaders are acting like spoilt brats. I believe they need a smack. Bunch of sh***s! They do not last a half hour in a war with any people, let alone with the Amhara or the Oromo. They should behave as a small people. They should know their place in the hierarchy of peoples here. They should act like a tiny minority people. They are insignificant. Either they leave us alone or get lost. We do not need these bloody conniving crooks.

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Re: ኣጋሜና ስንቅ አያደር ይቀላል!

Post by Misraq » 14 Jul 2019, 00:30

They are acting tough by posturing. They are now forced to bet on beher-behereseboch to help them go to war. Coward agames are tested and failed countless times. Mind you, they have the weapons but no guts against poorly armed farmers kkkk

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