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Don't blem Debresion - he works with the canniving twisted heart he got .

Post by TGAA » 14 Jun 2019, 11:05

It doesn't give one comfort to tell you that ፡ አማራ ሲጥልህ እንጂ ሲታገልህ አታየውም፡ Whoever it is you going to put at the helm he can't do any better than what Debretsion is doing. confess your transgressions against Ethiopians in general and Amhara and Eritreans in particular. you are one emotional babel. Your brain is clogged with emotion -- in that state of mind everything is blurred. Here is though what you need to know the crime you committed against Ethiopinas is not scratched yet , when the true history of what you did comes out , you would be the most despised human beings in that part of the continent. Somails, Eritreans,Amharas, Oromos all have story to tell. None of it is as magnificent as your foggy brain tells you it is. you keep posting the victim of hate to ignite an emotional response. Very sad to see a picture of a human being attacked being victimized for whatever reason. But your Meles chenawit ordered to shoot and kill in Addis Ababa because he lost an election. His agazi army didn't see the diffrent between 12 years old kid or 70 years old man, all was shot on the head . More than 200 killed and more than 750 mimed . when your sadistic history is written put out for all to see , you will be hiding in your cave just your weyane leaders are doing now. We don't concact history like your illiterate scumbag የታሪክ ሙሁር እና ተመራማሪ መ/ር ገ/ኪዳን ደስታ . We write it with evidence so that posterity know your twisted heart so that they don't get deceived by your charming dance before you bit. If any one Eritreans have known your nature while we were slumbering they named a twisted road after you LEBE TEGRAY. That is why they don't touch you with a 10 foot pole. Even when you floor your self to be on their good grace. As they say once bitten twice shy. we now know why.

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Re: Don't blem Debresion - he works with the canniving twisted heart he got .

Post by Za-Ilmaknun » 14 Jun 2019, 12:33

TPLF used and abused Ethiopia for close to 3 decades by controlling everything. All they were able to produce is the kind of mentality that is the direct reflection of what Debretsion is made up of. They do like to play the victim, while they were the ones subjugating the entire country at the same time looting every bit of its resources. They murdered innocent kids, ethnic cleansed the WolQait and Raya people, exiled those who could have made a difference, ignited unnecessary war with Eritrea, bantustanized the country, etc.

That group calling itself TPLF is a curse brought up on the entire HOA to arrest any civil discourse and meaningful development. Their accidental capture of the Ethiopian state power coupled with their deceitful leaders, and their irresponsible greed has led all of us now to the brink. Unless they are dealt with a bleeding blow to the nose, they will continue to be the source of all our pains.

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