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Coal plants cost $300-400 million to build per 600 MWs

Post by Ethwar » 17 May 2019, 20:49

I say start building them, every year there should be 2 coal plants built in Ethiopia. Ethiopia for it to secure its future must start getting away from this dam nonsense. The dams will dry and no electricity will be made, the whether is unpredictable.

You can't depend on it.

Ethiopia should build 40 coal plants in the next 40 years.

Think about 600-800 MWs times 40 = 32,000 MW can be generated from coal and the rest can be generated from the already build dams and heat. We Ethiopians must invest 400 million every year to build coal plants because the Europeans will not finance any coal plans because the Europeans want to keep Africans without electricity.