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Message to Ethiopians and Ethiopian government: Electricity

Post by Ethwar » 17 May 2019, 16:49

Stop wasting your time on these worthless green energy products. Don't build anymore dams because dams are useless, remember Europe got out of poverty using coal and Asia got out of poverty by using coal.

Coal is plenty in Ethiopia
Coal is cheap
Coal can be clean by releasing the Co2 underground aka clean coal

After GERD is finished then start building coal plants.

If you want cheap electricity
If you want lots of electricity
If you want constant power

The answer to your problems is coal power, we in America use coal power for majority of our electricity.

Message to Ethiopian government:

1. Pull out of the Paris agreement like Donald Trump. I love Donald Trump, he pulled America out of the fake climate change agreement because it was against American interest.

Why should Ethiopia sign a contract that's against our interest?

If you want 24/7 electricity then start building these.

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Re: Message to Ethiopians and Ethiopian government: Electricity

Post by Alpha » 17 May 2019, 17:24

Ethiopia should use all forms of available source of energy: Sun, wind, hydropower, etc.

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