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Asrat Media: The decline/downfall of Col. Demeqe Zewdu currency

Post by Axumawi » 17 Apr 2019, 02:32

Two unforced errors:

1. You panicked by the ABN movement and hesitated and betrayed Gedu Andargatchew a man who protected you, risking his inflience

2. You panicked by ABN and started changing your story and your history. The past cannot be changed you forgot that you control only the present and future.

Its a bit late trying to fix the broken, you should still go back to ADP at heart and continue from there. ABN has been hijacked by diaspora and Addis Ababa. Its not the same movement that started a year ago. It shows on your face and speech.

What happened:

1. As soon as you said Welqayit speaks Tigrigna long before TPLF you lost some of your enthusiastic supporters

2. As soon as you showed sympathy for the Agew, you lost even more enthusiastic supporters

3. As soon as your mother tongue, your complete ancestry was known to be Tigrigna and Tigrean you lost even more

4. As soon as it became clear you were not even EPDM, but TPLF fighter then you lost a deluge

5. As soon as you said you had no sense of the Welqayit maninet until 2005 your vacation (which you repeated with Asrat) then you lost even more

6. As soon as you made the mistake that Welqayit is representation of Western Tigray, then the local people had to expose you. Tselemti had always more Mesafint during zemene mesafint, Tselemti has always had more monastries and churches...

There was nothing wrong in you fighting for this or that group. Your fellow TPLF fighters were in DEMHIT, some joined Derg others went to exile.

For politics you are now damaged goods. The Amhara are saying, dirom Tigre lol I have heard this. The Agew are saying even worst, but not for being Tigre.


Go back to Welqayit, your home
Register a different party than ABN
Have a public meeting
Organize based on bad governance first
Forget the Amhara, Tigre..etc
Fight for restoration of provinces and mainly of Semien from Quara to Axum, not Gonder

You may do good by the people, to your self and country win or lose.

Don't rely on emotional groups. They could not even recognize you are a Tigrinya speaker all these years almost 15 years. These are same hapless and hopeless bunch who declared Abiy is gift of God and now is gift of devil. G7 was also very damaging, those terrible EPRP cultured people, once they saw you with ABN. Give them he-ll, don't be afraid of G7 propaganda capacity.