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The cancer called ethnic federalism will destroy Ethiopia

Post by MRed » 13 Jan 2019, 22:27

Many idiots who support this system have no idea what's coming for them. Do you know how many ethnic Ethiopia has and how many times they can fight over lands. We can have wars within every village, town, city and region in expanding their own ethnic. I have said it long time ago that ethnic based regions on paper are a great idea but make horrible system.

Oromo vs Amhara
Oromo vs Sidama
Oromo vs Somali
Oromo vs Afar
Oromo vs Harari
Oromo vs Gurage

Amhara vs Qimant
Amhara vs Agew
Amhara vs Tigray
Amhara vs Aragobba

Tigray vs Amhara
Tigray vs Afar
Tigray vs Kunama
Tigray vs Saho

Afar vs Somali
Afar vs Tigray
Afar vs Amhara

Gurage vs Sidama
Gurage vs Wolylita
Gurage vs Hadiya

As you see we can have different battles every day in Ethiopia and so, my message to Dr. Abiy Ahmed is remove ethnic federalism and have a clear plan. It might take 1-2 years but please remove ethnic federalism.

Ethiopia should be under one law and one flag.

Just think about if we listed all 83 ethnics and just think about how many different possibilities exist. My friends, Ethiopia will be on fire if this cancer called ethnic federalism isn't removed. Ethnic federalism has only been implanted in two nations and one of them has collapsed, it was called Yugoslavia.