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Remove Ethnic Federalism by MRed: How to respond to Oromo demands?

Post by MRed » 13 Jan 2019, 22:08

Oromos don't need ethnic federalism to be equal in Ethiopia and yes their demands can be met without it. Ethnic federalism is useless to Ethiopians because you don't need ethnic boundary to live. Ethnic boundary was created to entertain secessionist and ideas of seceding so, how can we actually save our nation.

1. Have a clear idea before you remove ethnic federalism.

This is what needs done!

1. Flag change - Ethiopia needs a flag that we can all agree upon, every Ethiopian must vote for a flag.
2. Ethiopians must agree on the system that will replace Ethnic Federalism.
3. Make land private, the Oromos who live in Oromia must own their own lands but not on ethnic basis but individual basis.
4. Give back all land that was stolen from Oromo farmers that haven't been used. The government should have no business in confiscating land, that's up to a person to sale their own land for what they want.
5. Make Afaan Oromo the 2nd language of Ethiopia.

Ethnic Federalism doesn't solve the problem of Ethiopia, the problem is language, culture and identity within the Ethiopian nation. Only when those demands are met will ethnic federalism collapse.

Remember the only people who are in your way of dismantling ethnic federalism are Oromos, if they agree in destroying ethnic federalism then the entire system collapses.