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Why is Ethiopia suffering by MRed? The challenges

Post by MRed » 13 Jan 2019, 21:55

1. Ethiopia is suffering because this nation once had 1 million army and the country was in great control. The great Derg army that was the best armed and had the most soldiers was disbanded to form an army of 165k. You see, Ethiopia is a nation of 105 million people being guarded by an army of 165k, this ain't going to work.

2. The nation had the best air-force under Derg but now needs clear reform and assembly.

3. Ethiopianism is dead, ethnic federalism is another sad thing that came to Ethiopia. Remember the last nation to have ethnic federalism Yugoslavia collapsed and disabanded. Ethnic federalism is a failure.

How can we solve this problems?

1. Privatize land
2. Give the land back to the Oromo farmers
3. Disband ethnic regions
4. Make Afaan Oromo the 2nd national language of Ethiopia
5. Disband ethnic federalism
6. Revert back to the old regions: Arsi-Wellega-Hararghe-Wollo-Tigray-Gondar-Gojjam

The second issue

1. Raise the army to 650k in 10 years.
2. More armored vehicles, transport vehicles for the army.
3. M16 guns

5. Update the Air-Force with 100 A10s, Chinese attack helicopters and Russian fighters.