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Abiy Ahmed needs to buy 100 A10s right now before TPLF/OLF get in the bush

Post by MRed » 13 Jan 2019, 21:46

You don't want to fight these two parties in the bush therefore the best way to handle the situation is through bombing them. The Americans love you Abiyot so, use it to your favor.

1. The bombs should be made in Ethiopia
2. The aircraft should be maintained in Ethiopia
3. Spare parts should be made in Ethiopia

We should use our aircrafts to fight insurgents along our borders with Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan and Kenya also Eritrea.

1. We should bomb Al Shaabab in Jubaland
2. Bomb TPLF training camps in Tigray
3. Bomb OLF in Wellega
4. Bomb Gumaz rebels

Don't fight bush wars with OLF and TPLF, let the A10 do the fighting.