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The problem with "Lame OLF" officials

Post by tolcha » 13 Jan 2019, 19:33

The OLF , lead by Daud Ibsa has been in Eritrea, taking business classes and how to rob banks or whatever. They forgot politics all in all. They used to undermine and down grade the old OPDOs and still wanted to continue with same mentality. During the transition period about 80-90% of the Oromo people support OLF officials and that inflates OLF to the extent that it distorts its view about others; again history repeats itself now when OLF went back to Ethiopia large number of people came out to welcome the baboons . When they see the number of people that came out their dead ego raised and started to question why don't we rule the country?

I hate to say this but I have to say it! The Wellagoans are poor in politics. And again, I hate to say this but I have to admit that Oromos are weak in controlling their emotions except very few. Now, the Daud Ibssa and his party is on the way to extinction. I pray innocent kids and peasants could realize the prostitution of politics and get their heads out of it!!!