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I still sympatize with Ato Gedu Andargachew and his stance with the Agew peoples

Post by Axumawi » 10 Nov 2018, 17:44

Ato Gedu had a town hall meeting in Adi Arqay about 7 years ago. It was a meeting with elders and some Amhara government officials only. Its documented and partly just the headlines of his visit only was broadcast.

Issues he learned and agreed/committed to do at that meeting was:

1. The Agew Qimanti issue is serious and if mishandled dangerous and it affects us all including the provinces in Tigray until Axum. The Agew Qimanti people need to be given self government without delay without bloodshed.
Ato Gedu agreed and immediately went back and got resolution from Amhara kilil parliament to recognize Agew Qimanti as Bihereseb and give all rights of a Bihereseb.

2. Adi Arqay, but we can compromise with Debarq...the bottom line is the people's of Semiyen have to have our own university. We have agreement from Shire that the provinces in Tigray will not compete with us. He agreed and this was immediately put on the list with Federal government.

3. We want to be our own zone/province. Being under Gonder has cost us not just our name, but our future, our development. He agreed, but this took him longer to get it through Amhara kilil. It happened 2 years ago, but still not implemented. He was also asked in passing that the border between Tigray and Amhara kilil at Tsegede/Tegede need to be clarified. We are the same people, we do not want any issue to be used as political football somewhere else. He agreed and did this a year ago.

You can see the discomfort he had in the meeting in Gonder about the Agew Qimanti issue. He appealed to the people of the area when everybody was talking about other issues and solutions.

Those are reasons I respect the man, who even under all that noise from some barbaric groups never forgot his knowledge and committment to the people.