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Why Gonder hated the names..Semiyen, SemiyeninaBegemidir, Begemidir....All Agew Midir names

Post by Axumawi » 10 Nov 2018, 16:39

There was no other reason for Gonder (Which always had the equivalence to kiflehager, province unit the 1950s Rebellions of Semiyen peoples in Tigray and SemiyeninaBegemidir refusing to submit and pay taxes to Hatse Haileslassie) to hate the names of the Agew people's.

Hatse Menelik was petitioned not to call the area Semiyenina Begemidir
Empress Zewditu promised to return the two kiflehager (Begemidir and Semiyen) and one city state to their previous status and names
Lij Iyasu during his stay among the Semiyen people (From Quara to Selekleka) had promised them to restore their kiflehagers
Hatse Haileslassie was petitioned to change the name, he refused until the rebellion
Hatse Haileslassie after the rebellion by Semiyen people dropped the name Semiyen and called everything Begemidir just to rub it on the Semiyen peoples and issued Gazette that from Selekleka (Axum) to Quara should never be in one kiflehager after the rebellion.

Gonder did some magic to Mengistu Hailemariam. He dropped every other name and named the whole area as Gonder.

Since the people of Begemidir and Semiyen who are Agew peoples do not have TV, Radio, Face Book, You Tube..etc It is being made to look like the Agew people are extremely happy to be called Gonder, but Gonder will not be hapey to be called Semiyen or Begemidir.

Qen...qil dingay yisebral....History is a bi-tch..never happy till it gets what it wants....What it wants seems to be the renaissance of Agew to their proper place in Ethiopia.