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Shocking:The truth about woyane Generals

Post by Thomas H » 10 Nov 2018, 16:34

The illiterates(social media warriors) are now jumping up and down for not knowing how many Woyane Army Generals are still in the army.There are about 180 and 90% of them are in their 40s. They still have 25 years more to fok you if you don't behave.Just ask the Gonderes what happenned to them by the army last week in Metema. Regarding the intelligence officers still Tigrigna is and will be the working offical language in the intelligence headquarter because 90% of woyane officers were sent to Israel, USA,some Asian and European countries for training and they are irreplaceble.So,calm down.PM Abiy can not do anything with out woyane approval.

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Re: Shocking:The truth about woyane Generals

Post by Misraq » 10 Nov 2018, 21:05

Ember Tegadalay.... :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Nay agame neher.

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