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Monkey see Monkey do.....

Post by Axumawi » 13 Oct 2018, 12:21

Higdef is bending to EU to get financing for Industrial Parks.

Unless to do what TPLF did, there is no logical or economic strategy for this in Eritrea.

Eritrea main problem is not population explosion
Eritrea could not even run properly Enda Baratollo let alone to expand it
Eritrea could not even run the cotton farms and make secondary industry of it in 30 years

All of a sudden Isayas tells his obedient servants to have Industrial park as soon as possible...and since there is no one in Eritrea right now who can tell Isayas that this thing is not going to fly...they will be wasting a lot of time ...and conscripts free energy...

The border has to be closed very soon. Otherwise EU cannot finance Industrial park in Eritrea while Eritreans are creating traffic jam to get out of Eritrea.