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Count Down to Wolkayt and Finfinne

Post by Misraq » 12 Aug 2018, 15:39

as each day passed, the power balance in Ethiopia shifts. Agames influence in the economic, politics, social and security degrades as the days goes. On the contrary, the Amhara and Oromo each kept galvanizing themselves respectively with nationalistic fervor adding more to its already nationalist base. Power alignment will eventually ends up in favour of the two either in joint form or in solo. With current trend, the fate of Wolkayte seems to already been sealed i.e wolkayt coming back to its natural and historical owner i.e the Amhara.

These two nationalistic movements have their own internal and external challenges.

The nationalist oromo group have an expansionist thrist in all sides of current federal oromo region. This greedy and expansionist tendency put oromos at odds with Somalis, Gedeos and Amharas. It is becoming natural for most oromo nationalists to behave in such manner and claim lands that is not theirs. The recent map displayed in Ambo is a good example and such expansionist motivation will cost Oromos lots of life and setbacks. Oromos also face power struggle within. At least there are four to five well known groupings that might end up clashing against each other together with the age old east vs west division. OPDO, OLF1 (Dawd Ibsa), OLF2(Kemal Gelchu), Qerro Movement (Jawar) are all different visions and thrist for power. It remains to be seen on how long they can continue with the current "lets not attach each other" mode. I am confident that they will be at each other once the dust settles or the re-alignment of power in Ethiopia settles and local politics becomes center stage for headlines and discussions. One thing for sure though is that Agame TPLF will have no chance there in 1000 years which is a big blow to Agames since their pocket will be hit hard due to the Oromo achievement on galvanizing itself.

The nationalist Amhara movement is a late comer to the game. One of the challenge was that most amharas staying dormant and action-less due to the Ethiopiawinet philosophy that was defeated by Agames, Shabians and OLFs in 1991 and its subsequent onslaught by Agame (TPLF), OPDO and OLF effectively routing it and chasing the remenants to north america and europe. These defeated group lost the fertile base and forced to stay only on the digital world and medias. Agame constantly played and out played them in Election Board and as dumb and idiot they are, they kept repeating that cycle every five years being beaten in either a robbed ballet box or in prisons and jails, they remained hopless and dissilusioned. These group become a nuisance to the new Amhara nationalist movement trying to humper it with qoutes like "Zer legebere", "hewehat beqededew qedada angebam", "Zeregnet yewdem"....etc. Thieve organizations like Ginbot-7 tried hard to hijack the amahara movement to a nationalistic ajenda through money and lies spread through ESAT with no avail. It seems the new Amhara nationalist movement successfully break out of such influence and is now in a direct collission course with the defeated old Ethiopiawinet thieves. These Ethiopiawinet theives don't care if welkait is in Tigray or Amhara and their defeated mentality allows not only that, they even went to extent of indorsing OLF ajenda despite the fact that OLF is in a full mode of distroying Ethiopiawinet. The external challenge for Amharan nationalism now is the expansionist Oromo nationalism, Agame (TPLF) and groupies who are managed by TPLF such as the Kmant. As a late comer, the Amhara nationalism faces more challenges but with the current pace of spreading town to town, it will catch up with the rest and will eventually assert its power an influence further.

Once the Agame rendered irrelevant the two will have their own epic battle for Addis Ababa which we call it now (Finfinne for Oromos) and (Barara for Amharas)

for those of you who don't know history. Barara was a royal Medieval Abbysinian city in the current Addis Ababa near Arat Killo. These magnificent city was destroyed by Ahmed Gragn and latter forcefully occupied by Oromos. So Oromos occupied adds only for 200 years and Menlike 140 years ago reconquered knowing fully that it used to be the royal seat of his ancestors.