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Did EPRDF break its own rule of reserving the mayorship of Addis to an EJolie? A gudela abiyot picked A gudela mayor?

Post by minilikze3rd » 14 Jul 2018, 02:22

The Shewan Oromo mayor whose relatives and ancestors lived all around Finfine for generations, and who did so much for the dirty, thankless, gudela-infested city is no longer the mayor of Addis. This is a very dangerous move, and believe me it will backfire, it will destroy Abiot Madiat for breaking EPRDF's internal rule to give Addis mayorship to an Oromo. Alas, at least for now, a full-blown Gudelan gonderam, a known thankless and traitor hailing from the fake ANDM created and nutrured by Agazian weyane, has become the new mayor of Addis. Sadly, he was one of those who orchestrated the fake Addis Abeba Master Plan, in order to incite the instability in Oromaia, fomented largely due to it,which then got out of control by Getachew Asefa's intentional aggravation-- and this, in order to destroy what he envied, Meles's unmatched legacy. The new Gudela mayor of Addis is already talking about creating Addis Abeba State, which, he hopes, borders with Awasa, Asela, Ambo, etc.