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Embitegnaw Eregna Misaw Yetebale Ratu Yihonowal the case of Issayas and Eritrea???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 13 Jul 2018, 09:20

Issayas acted as he found his lost beloved girlfriend or a lost dog found his owner when he needs him so badly to feed him.

Meles offered Issayas and his bologna maids 18 years ago but they refused and went to hell for so many years, now they took what Meles proposed 18 years ago, that is people to people reconciliation.

Why Issayas refused to do so for 18 years now he has to accept it without pulling one soldier from any disputed regions???

One reason Sudan closed its border and suffocated him economically and he has to turn south for his survival and acting like he regains his old beloved girlfriend or a lost dog found his owner and wagging his four tails to the girlfriend or owner.

The second arming for Issayas was the Swiss demonstration about two weeks ago and he realized that he is losing his core supporters and he cannot sustain in power and him as to make a rapid move immediately without any kind of condition and he did.

Metahlign way Eyetebekuh Neber/ Mexikaleydo Kxbeyeka???