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When P. Isayas is not talking Anchimenchi Chifra Weyannie...but straight talk

Post by Axumawi » 13 Jun 2018, 20:16

Its very hard to see/know the deep sense of President Isayas if your subject is just Weyannie or Chifra Weyannie as he ever called EPRDF. That Chifra Weyannie is his and original. Makes sense when one understands its true meaning in Tigrigna.

Here is President Isayas describing how America controls the world. He grants them controling oil or other resources..which is normal for empires or the powerful, but what President Isayas thinks is the worst about American control is:

Culture, learning institutions and the media.

Cocacola Generation lol

Understanding President Isayas Afwerqi - by his own words. ... own-words/