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Abiot the madiat faced goman-gudelan dikala is creating mess in Ethiopia.

Post by minilikze3rd » 13 Jun 2018, 19:50

There is death everywhere in Ethiopia. Ye Emiye minilik lijoch are being massacred by Gallas in all Galla enclaves. Galla Alemash Mergesa is instigating Gurages and kebenas to fight, Kebenas are related to Gurages and you know they were the original inhabitant of what we now call Addis, Kebena river was named by the Kebenas who inhabited Birara,today's Addis, long before galla came to Ethiopia. Gideos and Somalis are being forced to defend themsleves, chasing the galla hoards in every direction.
The immature and illiterate, extremely emotiona, the Galla-Gudela dikala Tolosa Ebsa is acting like full galla, gallas being habitual boogey- man seekers. Listen to this ugly, female-voiced, galla-gudela dikala, Tolosa the ho'mo living on british welfare. eeeeeee saying galla-goat, what a booooshti, No shame in galla game... he is acting more Guragie than Guragies though he hates Guragies like every galla.
Today Sidamas are celebrating Fiche, with chembalala, Fiche being the original Sidama bastion where Sidamas eradicated the galla selalie enemy. Sidama heroes consider galla as persona non grata in any Sidama land and evicted galla- gudela dikala agents of the boooshti alemash mergesa and the ligagam madiat aka abiyot but Tolosa is scared to elaborate about it. Gallas know nothing but accusing their Tigrean liberators as boogey men. We are saying enough to galla hysteria and manipulation as if Ethiopia is Gallas playground though we know ultimately the benevolent and heroic agazian Tigreans will react and punish these te'kmatam gallas forever. No wonder Galla is now trying to hide in every tribe's skirt for fear of Tigrean Agazian who gave him everything he is boasting about as of late. Guragie should rise up like the time when galla came to Shewa and eradicate the galla traitors in 4killo that are causing war between themselves and their Kebena cousins. Guragie, please rise up like Gideos and Sidamas and punish galla-gudela agents of the madiat aka abiyot and his errands called alemash mergesa and Gedudergachew.