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Old Jebha Elf fighters said that the tigrai people were "blood suckers ". Tigray people fight and Halafi Mengdi barking they defeated Jebha but that's far from the truth

Post by Roomservice » 17 May 2018, 23:29

Tigray people fight and Halafi Mengadi have been barking for a while now , iterating they were victories against Jebha ELF etc. No you idiots , you betrayed Jebha there is a difference. You tigrai people are backstabbers, vile and most cursed people on earth. yous can't be trusted ever, even satan doesn't have trust in yous.In tigrai, it's normal to have this kind of character trait :lying ,backstabbing , stealing ; like history etc. If we look at tigrai history all your grandparents were traitors, evil people.

Not only did you betray Jebha but you also betrayed Téwodros II of Ethiopia , your self proclaimed king Yohannes was a traitor he backstabbed Tewodros II while siding with the British. However ; the death story tell us a different side, Tewodros was a brave man he shot himself unlike the coward who had his head chopped and taken to Sudan, btw he deserved it.

Until 1981 Jebha (Elf) had the borders of Badme in its complete control and even encroached deep inside tigrai,nobody dared to challenge it rather ran for their lives further to Mekelle city leaving Adigrat and other cities like Sheraro etc. Agames (evil , cursed people) knew the capabilities of Jebha then and what it could do if it had stayed, that it was too strong so you come with a plan B which you collaborated with Sheabia but made peace at the same time with Jebha ,as always, agame is agame you went behind there backs and fought them siding with sheabia in exchange they give you a piece of Eritrean land, Badme.

That's when you and sheabia pushed back ELF from Badme and than occupied it from there on. it's history go read it, you allied with sheabia to defeat Jebha.