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The [email protected] West Africans listen to me not Tedros

Post by MRed » 17 May 2018, 19:35

Tedros works for WHO aka a white organization with very liberal views. I'm going to tell you how to wipe out Ebola right now. Listen and take notes, first eliminate the virus from human-beings and you already done this in 2015-2016 but the [email protected] westerners never told you what to do next. Off-course the westerners never want to see you free with logical thinking.

Where does HIV come from?
It comes from SIV within apes, no ape equals no SIV and that means no HIV however we are too late.

Where does Ebola come from?
It comes from apes and monkeys.

Eliminate the virus from humans and then kill all primates.

The question you need to ask yourself is why do we need these worthless creatures in Africa? They don't contribute to the eco-system nor do they provide anything. The people come to see the lions and cheetahs also leopards in Africa not [email protected] monkeys. Kill all of them and you will live in peace....