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Brother Abiy fires Getachew Reda in order to please Zemenda ze ho'mo'sexual budagojie who is cleaner in a Chicago Hotel

Post by minilikze3rd » 17 May 2018, 17:32

This te'kmatam feri ho'mosexual Gojamie looks like arogit ye mercato she'rmuta.... He sucks so many dks per day that, as you can very easily tell, zemenda the notorious the boooshti budagojie almost lost the typically feminine voice rampant among all budagojies, though it is hoarse and coarse from su'ckin too much co'ck. This Shameless ho''mosexual gojie calls himself Daniel Tesema.... how did he get Tigrean, agazian names? This ligagam we'ndagered budagojie is very hateful, and very emotional, like any Gojamie hoe in kuchrasefer. Sad to seee this and other Buda Gojies use Tigrean Geez names. Luckily this booshti budagojie has a Gudeligna name, Zemenda , that the ho'mo Gojie uses to reveal the typical h'mosexual prostituteGojamie profession.
Any way I'm very happy to see the mass removal of the qoshashaweyanetegreleaders, including the kiftaf, untigreanly wedel, called getachu, a typical Gudela name.