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Poll: Do you think knowledge measured by the level of English we speak and write?

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Poll: Do you think knowledge is measured by the level of english we speak and write?

Post by Abaymado » 17 Apr 2018, 04:50

If someone speak english fluently and writes well, we cannot say for sure he is educated. What do we mean by educated? English is one of many fields, if a person knows english and have no ground knowlede in say, biology, we cannot say he is biologist. This will work also for other fields. World has not reached this level only studying english language. Japan is a good example. So why is someone's knowledge measured with the level of his level of his english language knowledge?

As one of foreign reporter put it, Ethiopian students donot know english well because the education system in the country is failed, he is right. We Ethiopians donot give much attention to foreign languages. Besides, to develop the language, we need to live with english speaking people to be more fluent and knowledgable. Again, we need additional materials to have good understanding of english.

This all tell us the person's inability to speak english well is not merely on his low status or having low IQ.

The question is , why whites are concerned about our language fluency? Do they want us to be english speaking people? Why? Why all this things are on developing countries?, especially africa? Why not Asian?

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Re: Poll: Do you think knowledge is measured by the level of english we speak and write?

Post by Koko1232 » 17 Apr 2018, 05:49

but learning other languages is still important
the horn of africa is the only place in africa
that most people cant speak arabic or european languages

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