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Wowww many Ejolies and southerners had been quietly learning agazian Tigre culture and language while gudelas were bust trying to steal Yaha, Roha, daamat,Axum... Gumames are shameless thieves.

Post by minilikze3rd » 17 Apr 2018, 03:19

Here you see Ejolies and Southerners enjoying making Tigrigna art and enjoying it by themselves. Only Samson G/Alef is Tigrean, the composer. Another Tigrean is the very tall Tigray model, Gual Teklebirhan Hawzen, Mahlet Teklebirhan, one of many famous Hawzen beauties.
The in the video rest are ejolies, Sidamas, Welaitas, Kembatas, etc. The singer, Yidneqachew , is an Ejolie from Jemjem, Haegeremariam.