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I DARE U Halafi Mengedi TO ban yourself from ER

Post by Ethoash » 17 Apr 2018, 00:15

Halafi Mengedi

U give me the meaning of those place in Amhairc ... now would u ban yourself if any Amhara come and proof u wrong and give an Amharic translation and proof those pls r indeed an Amhar would u ban yourself ... promise me this and i will put skin in the game if u lose for moral support i will also ban myself from ER ...THE challenge IS ON .. I WILL DOUBLE DARE THOSE AMHARA to come and tell us what those place mean in Amhara and Me and HALAFI will ban ourself from ER.. of course i am waiting go head from HALAFI... WHAT SAY U HALAFI... R U READY FOR SOME CHALLENGE//

Beja Mider side

• Metema --------------------- Mezgat
• Tahtay Armachiho or Simen Armachiyo - ----- Tachgnaw Armachiyo
• Endabat ------ --------- ----- Ye Abath Bota or Meryet
• Dewarq - ---------------- ---- Yetedebareqe
• Adi Arkay –------------------- Ye Arqay Ager
• Bi’eda ----------------------- Be Ejuwa

Wollo side

• Zikula –----------------------- Zim Alech
• Dehana –--------------------- Gid yelem
• Sokota –---------------------- Pure Agew no Amharic or Tigrigna
• Qebo –------------------------ Tigrigna word but do not it in Amharic
• Kidan –------------------------ Qal Megbat
• Huberu –---------------------- Tebaberu
• Guba Lafto -- Leslasa Gaguba Tigray traditional bread Amhara does not know it.

From Gojjam around Lake Tana Dehre Bahri side:

• Mer’awi ------------- ------- Sergegna
• Debre may ------------------ Ye Laygnaw Wuha
• Hamasit -------------------- Mewaghet or swimmer
• Tissessat ------------------ Ye Zaf or Gind Aynet Betigrigna Tahses no amharic
• Yismula giorgis ------------- Yibalal Teblo Be Geworgis
• Shewira ---------------------- Aynwa Tenqebarere or in the verge of blindness
• Meshenit -------------------- Qula or Emis
• Awra Amba ----------------- Tilqwa Terara
• Amba Saame ---------------- Teraraw Mesam or kiss the mountain
• Dur’Beta _------------------- Chaka new Betu
• Esay Debri ------------------ Tiru Foq Bet
• Dingle Beri

Halafi Mengedi
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Re: I DARE U Halafi Mengedi TO ban yourself from ER

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 17 Apr 2018, 01:22

• Dingle Beri ------------------- Yeteqedese Dejaf

As Tigray is the inventor of Amharic and Tigrigna we exactly know the words more than the Amhara and I am not the only one who know Tigrigna and Amharic but what I said is true and all are pure Tigrigna and the lands used to be occupied by Tigrayans not Amahra.

The true original Bahredar was 'Dehre Bahri until recently but they switched the words and made it Amharic but Bahredar is surrounded by all Tigrigna names regions per the map you See.

Gonder original name was 'Beja Medir when the Tigrayans defeated the Beja of Sudan and brought them to our land and put them in gonder and named the region Beja Mider that means the residents of Beja people. The rat Amhara changed the regions from Beja Mider to Begemider and then during the Derg time they changed it to Gonder to destroy the original name. From West side, north side and south side of Lake Tana is Tigray land to Angareb River, that is where Amhara and Tigray border.

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