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Why diaspora politicians upset by speach of the new Primeminister? by me your today's xinxala syasa

Post by Bwendimu » 16 Apr 2018, 21:15

Why diaspora politicians ( both Oromo and Amara ) hate Lama&team and opened a new fresh campaign against the Prime minister?

First we must distinguish between the Amara people and "the Amara" as to understand in depth what is going on in real politics on ground. The Amara people are people who live in region 3 with its capita at Baher Dar. It speak Amharic and got distinct culture of its own. Amara is a nation with in Ethiopian state neighboring Oromiya. There is no confusion on this as every body agrees on this identity. When Oromiya leaders went to Baher Dar they went there to establish people to people healthy relation. TPLF recognize the existence of Amara as ethnic and deal with them as such. That means there is no confusion from all sides over who Amara are and where they live. If Amara is only this people who live in kilil 3 things could have been smooth. But it is more complicated than that.
There is another Amara which got no distinct border nor proper definition politically. This take us few hundred years back when Christianity was used as a means of penetrating other nations and nationalities for purpose of assimilation. The feudal system that expanded South penetrated the Oromo Gada system and won converts who on conversion took identity of Amara because being Amara means being Christian and civilized. This created among the nations of the South specially in Oromiya Galla unconverted Oromo and Amara converted Oromo.
These converts adapted feudalism as a political system and Christianity as religion. Both Gada and Waqefanna were attacked in their places new identities planted. The Amaranized Oromos now established ties with mainland Amara than their own Oromos. They start marrying each other and share throne. They start oppressing none convert which triggered armed struggle like OLF. The sons of feudals and the sons of Neftenga (settlers from Amara region in Oromiya ) to this day are inseparable. We call these Amara spelled the same sound the same with ethnic Amara settlers . No peace is made with this because they are not defined by the constitution as special ethnic group. They call themselves " Ethiopians" with their own flag green, yellow and red.
These where ever they are are sworn enemy of federalism and democracy. They aim to restore their Ethiopia Addis Abeba as their capital. They openly fight any ethnic consciousness and do what ever they can to reverse the existing ethnic federalism. Lamma&team being advocate of ethnic federation are target of their attack. The old division between convert and unconverted Oromos took the shape of federated Ethiopia which the " Ethiopians" call division and united Ethiopia which the " Ethiopians" think should speak Amaharic and observe Orthodox faith.
The other group in diaspora is the group that accuse every body as enemy of Oromo people and see liberation as the only solution. This too is out to get Lamma&team. Because these two are primitive in their thinking and hardly convince the new generation they got no future. Let's root for federation as well as democracy and support the new order.

Amara Sayint
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Re: Why diaspora politicians upset by speach of the new Primeminister? by me your today's xinxala syasa

Post by Amara Sayint » 17 Apr 2018, 12:37

First of all, Borders are artificial constructions and irrelevant for us. We are free like Eagles in the sky. We do not recognize the legitimacy of borders within our own country - Ethiopia.

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