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* Abiyot Slave Ahmed *Was The Architect Of Shooting Killing Of Oromia, Amara & Benishanul/Gambella Soldiers From Behind That Refused To Be Minefield Sweepers At Badme Environ.

Post by Tog Wajale » 16 Apr 2018, 17:46

The Information That We Got From Inside Military Officials * Abiyot Slave Ahmed * Was In Badme While They Were Shooting From Behind To Soldiers Of Oromo, Amara & Benishanul/Gambella Who Refused To Be Minefield Sweepers For T.P.L.F. Armies. He Himself Was ( Abiyot) Shooting Architect In Badme/ Zallambessa Area. They Have Murdered Over 6,000 Regular None Tigriayan Soldiers. This Crime Is In front Of Many Colonels & 4th Grader's Generals.This Woyane Slave Is Accountable For His Crimes. The Other Thing Is He Never Went To Schools To Get His False Doctorate Degree.