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Charity begins at home for Tarik: Is PPM Abiy Kebdu Eritrean leader and is Gujji the one million Beja live in Kesela refugee camp for the last 50 years and Issayas denied them to come home???

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 16 Apr 2018, 17:13

Seriously Tarik, you sound like the Gujji people than an Eritrean from the Beja ethnic to worry about the union. If you are humanitarian then your own ethnic Beja is languishing since the first bullet flying across Western Eritrea where the struggle started in the 60th and those ethnics left Eritrea to Kesellaa refugee camps and since then they are there as we speak because Issayas denied them to come home. Why not yourself dedicate to your ethnic of Beja and make a difference than wasting your time you cannot make any dent to the most complicated politics of the union you are not part of it. When an Eritrean talk about the union stuff it is against you one way or the other because you are not part of it and everyone assume you, you are talking about your own plight than theirs and they give you the deaf ears. I hope the message is clear.