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Lemma Megersa: Not Convincing at all!

Post by info » 01 Dec 2019, 17:35

Lemma didn't fight for his believes inside ODP and EPRDF on Medemer and the unity of the EPRDF parties. On the contrary, he was voting for it on more than one occasion. He had many occasions to show his stand and debate and oppose the idea during the EPRDF executive meeting, EPRDF council meeting, EPRDF general assembly, ODP executive, ODP council meeting and ODP general assembly. If he really had a different idea, he could have fought and have tried to convince others for his beliefs. But after voting on every step and missing every possible opportunity, he now comes out as someone who has always opposed it. This doesn't add up and is not convincing at all for any sane rational person. It looks like something else (more of a personal nature) has happened recently that triggered his anger.

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