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Addis Ababa beats Menelik's war drums - The end might come to Ethiopia

Post by EthioRedSea » 01 Dec 2019, 17:33

The Menelik grand children are very greedy and think they can exploit Ethiopians forever. These Amahra chidren and some Oromos+Guraghe with them have no clue how much the people of Ethiopia are suffering in th eprovinces specially in Tigray ,Somali, afar and Oromo regions.

Ethnic Federalism has empowered the peripheries. But it did not go far. The aim of revolutions or federal systems to bring economic benefit to the disadvantaged. There were some economic developments in Tigray, afar, Oromo and Somali. But not good enough.

TPLF was corrupt and were intoxicated with power. They did not do enough the economic benefit of each regional state. All regional capital cities the same resources allocated as Addis Ababa. Ethiopia was investion 80% of it 's resources in Addis Ababa and surroundings.

Now a new group ld by Berhanu Nega, Eskinder Nega is thretening the regional states. Eskinder Nega is making false accusations. Berhanu Nega is threatening TPLF etc.

Menelik war drums are back in Addis baba to kill non-Amharas and rob their resources. This should be stopped. Ethiopaisn have no energy to accepted Amhara domination of Ethiopia

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