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Re: Every Oromo youth must learn how to behead

Post by Lakeshore » 27 Oct 2019, 22:18

i think some thing bad happned during your upbringing ( traumatized) that is the only reason you want to inflict this kind of unhuman and specially un ethiopian behaviour. What is the couse of this kind of barbaric thought i can't understand what is going on in this animal gala mind of yours and alike jawar. why you want to see blood? what is all those innocent childrens and elders did to you that the you animals killed, the irony is that you are killing your own galla even why kill? for me it is lunacy it doesn't give any sence. I know like jawar you animals are scared deep inside and it might be a preimptive action that is the only reasonable justification i can find. still calling other talking animals to sloughter a human being is wrong at any measure. You animals are pushing ethiopians to the limit of their patience and belives. you should just graze your grass in pease other wise