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Why Do I Care about Ethiopia?

Post by Ethiopians4cm » 11 Jun 2019, 15:02

Why do I care for and love Ethiopia as much as I do? Is it the people, is it the country, is it both? I often think about the Ethiopians that I have known. I remember “Sam”—I wish I could remember his full Ethiopian name—who worked for us in Asmara. Same spoke eight languages! Other than having superb work ethics, his only desire was to get to a country where he could continue his education. I hope he made it, if he ever reads this, I will buy him a Hamburger in remembrance of old times.

I also remember the Ethiopian Air Force Technical Sergeant who traveled with me on my first trip to Ethiopia in May of 1970. I hope he survived and would love to see him again. These are some of my old memories of Ethiopia and my time of service there. Every Ethiopian I met was ethical, industrious and worked to better themselves. Forty-six years later, I see these same characteristics in my Ethiopian friends that I have here in the states.

With the development of the “Ethiopians for Constitutional Monarchy” and the idea of restoring the Solomonic Crown, I am fascinated by the conversations taking place among fellow Ethiopians. Most of the comments and conversations are positive, but some criticize the monarchy and speak ill about H.I.M. Haile Selassie I and previous Kings and Queens of Ethiopia. Most of the push back comes up with respect to the “Feudal System” and the perceived inequality that occurred during the days of the monarchy....continued...

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Re: Why Do I Care about Ethiopia?

Post by mollamo » 11 Jun 2019, 22:14

who are you? it looks like some one foreign/ FERENGE. Good article any way

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