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Feminist Are Smelly Women

Post by Tigray People Fight » 08 Mar 2018, 21:14

These Feminist are not true women but a bunch of nasty,dirty hygiene deprived,lazy, inferior wannabe activists that do not represent the vast majority beautiful women who value the traditional families value of men and women house hold and empowering families value between men and women who procreate children.

The dirty Stinky feminist are for wrong empowernment of women that subjects women for prostituting,sex subjects, breaking up thier families,hating men,Lack of Women hygiene, in the fake name of independent women.

The smelly feminist agenda is convulded for Innocent People to see thier evil ulterior motive which is to create a weak society devoid of families value and misleading true Women into wrong direction.

The smelly,Stinky feminist motive,agenda is to deprive women of thier good given identity and to be whom ever they want to be.

Next time you encounter the so called Stinky,smelly feminist tell them to go take a shower and not to forget between thier legs because that's how dirt they Are.

Long Live True Traditional Women!!!

Halafi Mengedi
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Re: Feminist Are Smelly Women

Post by Halafi Mengedi » 08 Mar 2018, 22:16

Feminists are being identified each other by their distinct smell and that is the reason they do not want to take bath.

The north Tigray across Mereb have been feminist from inception and they were the bossy of the house and beat their husbands and the men used to carry big jars on their head to fetch fresh water from nearby river until one victim man who went to the river to fetch water and on his way back home carrying water he fell down to the ground and broke the jar and came home empty hand and the woman was very angry and kicked him out from the house. The poor man cried like infant baby and went to Ras Alula resident palace and he cried loud in order to be heard from the palace. Raesi Alula heard the cry and sent his guard and asked the man why he was crying, the man told the whole story how north Tigray lives. Raesi Alula ashamed and told them from now on Woman is the one should carry jar and fetch water and the man is the household boss. It became law and as you know Raesi Alula word is like God's word and everyone took it very seriously and the culture changed but still you can see a reflection when the north Tigray women shout so loud to their husbands. Thanks Raesi Alula freed our men from north Tigray and freed us from foreign invaders. The story about north Tigray is true.

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