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Tigray's problems are related to the illegal possession & hiding of the Ark of Covenant ! Tigray has to repent!

Post by Axumezana » 20 Nov 2023, 21:59

After the successful conclusion of the # Abiy Bring Back Our Acess to Red Sea! Which is being replaced by #No More Land Locked Ethiopia! by Engineer Aisha,
Axumezana is launching a new campaign # Tigray Aba Selama Orthodox Church repent & display the Ark of Covenant!

Tigray has been penalized by God for the hiding and illegal possession of the Ark of Covenant!

Axumezana requests your support in spreading this new campaign.

"The Ark of Covenant–A Blessing and Curse for the Axumite Empire and its descendants

Regarding how the ark of Covenant was brought to Axum the following are the main two theories:

- According to the Kebra Negast, the Ark of Covenant was stolen from the temple by Menelik I, with divine assistance. However, I do not understand the need for divine assistance to steal someone’s property!

- Graham Hancock in his 1992 book titled “The Sign and the Seal”, illustrated that the Ark of Covenant may had come via Egypt to Tana Lake by the Bete Israels’ but was later taken by force by the Axumites, probably during war among the two. He also tried to prove that the Ark of covenant was in the Jews Temple in Jerusalem for some hundred years later than claimed by the Kebra Negast that it was transferred to Axum.

Without going to the argument about which of the above theories is correct, one common fact is that the Ark of Covenant was stolen or forcibly taken from the Jews by the Axumites. 1st Samuel 4: 1-10 of the Bible states, the Ark of Covenant was captured by the Philistines after defeating the Israelites’ army. 1st Samuel 5 and 6 describe how God sent devastating punishment to Philistines for capturing the Ark of Covenant and how they were forced to return it, with gifts, to its rightful owners, the Israelites. The writer of this article has strong conviction that the fall of the Axumite Empire and the suffering and persecution of its descendants, the Tigrayans, until today are a punishment by God for illegally possessing and hiding the Ark of Covenant. The immediate solution to come out of the curse is repentance and return of the Ark of Covenant with gifts (Isaiah 18:7) to the Jews when they are ready after building the third temple, which could happen soon. There is also no biblical foundation for hiding the Arc of Covenant from the public view (Matthew 5:14-15) and the Tigray Orthodox Church must display it to be visited by the whole world as a testimony that the word of God is true. As an information, I had a chance of meeting the guardian of the Arc of Covenant in Axum Zion Church a couple of years ago. I asked him, “What will be the church’s reply if Israel asks for the return of the Arc of the covenant to Israel”. He answered, “that depends on the will of God, He was the one who gave us to guard it and when God wants to take it back to is owners, we have to give it”, which I completely agree!"

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Re: Tigray's problems are related to the illegal possession & hiding of the Ark of Covenant ! Tigray has to repent!

Post by Tigray People » 20 Nov 2023, 22:26


The Arch of the Covenant was a gift to the Tigray People by God.

The Arch was not stolen but given to the true children of God the Tigray People.

The Arch is part and parcel of the Ancient Tigray People Orthodox Church, Tigray Jews and others who believe in it.

The job of the current Tigray Orthodox leaders are to keep the ancient Tigray People culture while embracing education, New technology, economy to benefits the poor, universities, modern hospitals, the Tigray Orthodox Church must be doing.

The Arch of the covenant is a blessing from God for the Tigray People to have.

Long Live the Tigray People!!!

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