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Post by Amayah » 19 Nov 2023, 03:05

Tigray People
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Post by Tigray People » 19 Nov 2023, 21:43

The Jebha -Eritrea Liberation Front Army Made a mistake killing innocent defenseless Tigray People,and supporting eprp army,edu army which forced the Tigray People to destroy the entire Jebha -Eritrea Liberation Front Army from the Face of eritrea and Tigray.

It would have been great Jebha -Eritrea Liberation Front worked with Tigray People and TPLF because time have proven they were much better than the coward shabia army and leaders.

They made many mistakes against Tigray People but in the process the Tigray People saved the coward Shabia Army that was defeated by the powerful Jebha -Eritrea Liberation Front Army.

Long Live the Tigray People!!!

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