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Re: ፋኖ ከላሊበላ ይውጣ፦ ወደ ሜዳ ሄዶ ይፋለም። ደብሩ ላይ አይከትሙ። ሕወሓትም አልከተመበትም። ይሄ ማስታረቅ አይደለም። የመብት ጉዳይ ነው። - የላሊበላ ጳጳስ አቡነ ኤርምያስ -የሲኖዶሱ

Post by Educator » 19 Nov 2023, 13:15

I couldn't listen beyond the first garbage this balege kes said. But my assumption is he was puking more and more garbage. Garbage in garbage out. That is what is expected from Hodam individuals.
sarcasm wrote:
19 Nov 2023, 12:17

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