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Tigray should take control of it's own ports in The Red Sea - Massawa and Asseb

Post by EthioRedSea » 13 Jan 2022, 05:34

The Red Sea is extension of The Tigray plateau from Aksum, Adwa, Enderta and Raya. Tigray needs to take over the Southern Red Sea as it has been part of Aksumite Kingdom and Tigray. TPLF is too soft on Eritrea. Tigray is the mother of Eritrea and cannot give away all Red Sea Coast to Eritrea. If Eritrea wants to continue as an indepedent country, that should not be a problem. Tigray should have it's own sea port and navy. The recent plan to get try use of a port for free is not right. Any port to be used should be under Tigray government administration for security and general mangement. Thus Massawa and Asseb should be part of Tigray. The current war between so-called Addis Abeba government and Tigray is a golden opportunity for Tigray and Tigrayans to get all their historical lands back. WE need to create a strong Tigray with meaningful economic prospects. We need to press on Italy to respect The Wuchale Treaty and return all land that are illegaly under Eritrea now. Barentu, Segeneiti, Deka Mehari and South Red Sea should be returned to Tigray.

TPLF should put the political and armed struggle on the right historical perspective.TPLF has been too soft on Eritrea and Eritreans. This should be corrected. The secession of Eritrea from Ethiopia was supported by Tigray in the hope of getting Eritrea more freedom and development. This policy is still in place. This should be reviewed and we need to see Eritrea's governemt and ruling party as enemy of Tigray. We need to actively work to create a new Eritrean government that is friendly to Tigray.
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Re: Tigray should take control of it's own ports in The Red Sea - Massawa and Asseb

Post by TesfaNews » 13 Jan 2022, 05:36

Do you want tigray genocide? We will love to genocide another 100,000 Agames :mrgreen: :lol: :mrgreen:

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