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Direct Action for Freedom: Going Low-Tech to Defeat Biden’s Fascist and Social Media’s High-Tech Censorship

Post by teodroseIII » 20 Jul 2021, 21:31

Biden’s dog whistle was a patent attempt to vilify anyone who has concerns about the “vaccines”. That type of dangerous rhetoric is always a precursor for God-awful injustices to be purveyed upon people who are otherized. I was castigated for drawing a parallel between what is taking place now to what happened to Jews in Germany during the rise of Hitler. By no means was I attempting to analogize the extermination of 6 million Jews in gas chambers to now—only an insane person would make that comparison. The analogy I am making is how demonizing people based on their identity and/or beliefs can lead to ghastly consequences. Biden, with his vile statement, is leading America down the path of genocides. Holocausts like the one in Germany, Ethiopia and Rwanda never seem possible until they get done.

It’s not just what can happen in the future if Biden’s ugly rhetoric becomes normalized, what is happening at this exact moment is something we should all be alarmed about. Bit by bit, we are being conditioned to cede our God-given rights to free speech and freedom of movement. Freedoms gone are never regained, have we learned nothing from the Patriot Act? Like toads being simmered slowly in a pot, they incrementally turn up the heat intent on boiling our liberties away yet we are too busy bickering over our differences to realize that they are coming for all of us irrespective of our differences...continued...

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