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Tigray People
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How The Dirty Traitors TPLF Leaders & Their Families Put The Tigray People To Be Beggers, Genocidal Wars,Rape [Video]

Post by Tigray People » 10 Jun 2021, 20:30

Did not the chenawi Traitors TPLF leaders gave the fascist P.o.w p.p party and shabia the entire Ethiopia ,the entire ethiopia army,the entire military hardwear,the entire national banks,the entire fighters jets,the entire billions of dollars in ethiopia,the entire economy,the entire ethiopia airlines etc etc which was all the Tigray people property they captured during the liberation wars after sacrificing millions of their families?????

The chenawi traitors tplf leaders have being working hard to empower enemies of tigray in eprdf party,in military,in development,in security apparatus, federal government, federal police while firing thier own comrades and neglecting tigray people for the past 27 years while developing amhara and in general ethiopia and finally without no one forcing them or defeating them on the battlefield they gave all ethiopia military with it's all military hardware, national banks, ethiopian airline,addis ababa ,billions of dollars foreign aid money as well as everything under ethiopia to the p.o.w p. p party and shabia and returned to Tigray empty handed .

Not only that once they returned to tigray they isolated themselves and tigray people to be a target despite the tplf leaders knew all the crime and massacre was happening to tigray people in gonder in 2016 and other parts of ethiopia but they refused to take action against the enemies.

Not only that after they gave the p.o.w p.p party and shabia everything under ethiopia they continued to close thier eyes when their comrades, generals were getting assassinated by the very same p.o.w p.p party and shabia even they handed over general kinfe to the same traitors p.o.w .

Another word it is not the enemies who are doing the damage to tigray people but the tplf leaders are to blamed

The 2016 protest against the expansion of Addis Ababa started after the traitors tplf leaders designed the blue master plan to agitate people .

Once the covert work was done by the traitors tplf leaders the protest continued and morphed into the savage protestors helped by the a.n.d.m party ,o.p.d.o party and shabia agents and few traitors tplf leaders helping them to organize in logistics and massacring innocent defenseless people across ethiopia, burning down factories, killing investors ,massacring innocent defenseless Tigray people in Hinder/Amhara in 2016 and at that time the general Samora and Tseare Mekonen and the xhenawi Getachew Assefa and most Tplf leaders were wielding power in ethiopia but they refused ,refused to stop the criminals protestors who were killing innocent people and burning down factories so they can implement the scam "reform" which was a hidden agenda to harm tigray people but in a long term Ethiopia too.

You see the 2016 ethiopia protest was nothing compared to Egypt, Turkey,Iran, Hong Kong ,protest that was covered by the entire world media but the leaders of those countries took a swift action to put down the protests and secured thier power and country but not the dirty chenawi traitors tplf leaders that they never lifted one finger to protect their own tigray people interests but kept on giving to worthless p.o.w in eprdf party .

Hence the dirty chenawi traitor tplf leaders took no action to protect their own tigray people that were being massacred in Gonder in the year 2016 despite the tigray people were telling them what was happening .

Hence as the protests morphed from 2016- 2018 the traitors tplf leaders knew everything was taken place in ethiopia and they refused to take no action but continued to appease criminals protestors in amhara and oromo despite they knew the entire o.p.d.o and a.n.d.m party and shabia and foreign powers were behind it .

The chenawi traitor Tplf leaders continued to empower enemies of tigray people and allowed and gave permission to the current p.o.w party to be elected in eprdf party and continued to help them destroy Somali region despite the ethiopia army was under the chenawi Tsare Mekonen ,Chenawi Samora that they continued to emboldened the weak enemies and even never lifted one finger to hit the enemies.

In 2018 the entire traitor tplf leaders after they put enemies of tigray people in power by the sacam "reform" that they forced the p.o.w p.p party to reach to Eritrea government for Peace.

Keep in mind the whole scam was about "reform" in Ethiopia that had nothing to do with peace with eritrea but that became the number one priority for the traitors tplf leaders and the enemies p.p party hence everything the people of ethiopia wanted some "reform" was flushed in the toilet and the peace with the dead eritrea government become the number one "reform" policy.

Afterward the chenawi traitors tplf leaders and the enemies p.p party ,shabia , foreign powers concoted another scam which is to bribe the Noble peace committee to award the traitor unelected Abiye Ahmed to receive the award to give him a shield so he can have a status in the world to cooperate with Eritrea inorder to fulfill the long hidden agenda ,to plot ,and harm tigray people all over ethiopia and the final stage to invade tigray to destroy and loot the people a well pre-planned plot by the combined forces of dirty chenawi traitor Tplf leaders ,fascist p.p party,and fascist Eritrea government and foreign power.

The so called protest in amhara and oromo was for the so Called "reform" but what does that have to do making peace with a dead defeated country called eritrea??

Eritrean could not build one factory or one university and has never held election or constitution that it is simply an open prison of Eritrea people so what is there got to do with the "reform" in ethiopia?

We told you the whole 2016 -2018 protest was a scam the whole "reform " and if you all remember how the fake Abiye was telling you all fool "Love Wins" bla bla tricks and others continued to sing this fake song .

But the whole agenda was concoted long before 2016 by traitor tplf leaders and their p.o.w slaves to implement everything that is happening today from 2016-2020 that is why the traitors tplf leaders left everything in ethiopia in the hands of p.o.w p.p party and shabia that includes the entire ethiopia ,the entire ethiopia military,the entire fighters jets,the entire ethiopia economy,the entire billion of dollars etc etc and finally they returned to tigray empty handed so the final stage invading tigray to massacre tigray people,to destroy factories and to loot tigray can take its course.

Long Live The Beautiful Tigray People!

Awet Nehafash Tigray People!!

The Independence Of Tigray People !!

Eternal Glory To Martyrs Of Tigray People!

Tigray People
Posts: 2990
Joined: 04 Nov 2019, 19:44

Re: How The Dirty Traitors TPLF Leaders & Their Families Put The Tigray People To Be Beggers, Genocidal Wars,Rape [Video

Post by Tigray People » 10 Jun 2021, 21:23


We and other Tigray Leaders , activist forwarned the dirty traitors TPLF Leaders to hit the enemies of the Tigray People in eprdf party and to destroy the Banda traitors Eritrean leaders for the past 20 years but they refused, refused, refused, refused, refused to lift one finger and chose to empower the enemies of Tigray People to Destroy Tigray, loot Tigray,Rape innocent defenseless children and make Tigray People to be Beggers for food .

Long Live the Beautiful Tigray People!!

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