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Segregated Concert: Foo Fighters and Madison Square Garden Revive the Ugly Legacies of Ghettoization and Jim Crow

Post by teodroseIII » 09 Jun 2021, 16:42

These same horrors happened in my birthland Ethiopia; to this day tribes are killing tribes based on the way a few were elevated while the rest were relegated to the sidelines. The holocaust in Rwanda is another testament of what happens when one group is vilified by the ruling class; more than 800,000 Tutsis were hacked to death in 100 days because they were denigrated by the dominant tribe. Here in America, otherizing “black” folks was the soil from which the seeds of Jim Crow, lynchings and other forms of brutal discrimination grew.

As much as we look back in shock at the injustices and the malicious treatments that took place in past generations, we sadly never learn from history and insist on repeating the transgressions of our forbearers. America, the UK, France, Germany and other nations throughout the world are reviving the ugly legacies of exclusion that were tossed into the dustbin by normalizing the ill-treatment of some based on their beliefs and their medical status. Ironically, it’s people on the “left” who are most adamant in sanctioning these types of prejudices; the same people who chant “my body, my choice” are now copying the playbook of Republicans as they nullify choice and compel everyone to act according to their ideologies...continued...

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