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What agames say in......

Post by Cigar » 11 May 2021, 16:45

The cowards, filthy agames have lower IQ than the chimps.
They are incapable of focusing on any types of topics.

USA embassy in Asmara posts:

"happy Easter to all Christians who worship their god"

Agames go to the site and respond:

"The Eritrean troops should be evicted from togray"

"Eritreans wish each other and say Happy Birthday"

Agames responses:

"There is genocide in tigray"

"Eritreans congratulate their cyclists for being champions"

Agames responses:

"PIA & PMAA are dictators"

"Eritreans or Eritreans friends post that Eritrea is the peaceful country in Africa"

Agames respond to such posts:

"Rag tag tigray militia captured 15 enemy colonels and generals"

"An Eritrean posts that there was a good rain fall in Asmara today"

Agames responses:

"Rag tag agame militia is marching towards Asmara & Addis"

"Ethio govt posts a video of head blown off tplf officials"

Agames responses:

"Those officials were in Eritrean prisons, captured by Shaebia and get handed to the Ethiopian troops to get shot"

An Eritrean posts that 2+2=4

An agame response to that:

"tigray ti'ewet"

Man, their brains got fu*cked up by Shaebia, Ethio troops and Amhara militia that their brain turned out to outadated meatloaf and are unable to concentrate on issues.

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