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To be honest, whatever Getache Reda the attention seeker kiftaf says is counterproductive, I want him to shut up !

Post by abel qael » 06 May 2021, 03:50

TPLF leaders of the past 50 years, the dead or the alive, must kill themselves. Yes, all TPLF leaders of the last 50 years, the dead or the alive, must kill themselves; they saved wedimedhin on several occasions and let wedimedhin survive to this day so that he causes what he is causing on Tigrean people, they saved so many enemies of Tigray ( The Derg POWs, the EPRP Pows, Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsige, Aregawi Berhe, Gidey Zratsion, and countless many top enemies of Tigray at this very moment), they recruited many more new enemies of Tigray like Meshrefet, Demekech, zadig Abraha, Mulu Gega, Nebiyu As'sholemichael and all the countless enemies of Tigray who were in EPRDF. And yet, even now, the werada attention seeker kiftaf getachew and the braindead debrepropoor are arrogantly creating more enemies of Tigray by pampering Hamasenay, Amharay and bantugudifechan POWs. I hope the pilot they released comes back to bomb the hell out of the werada debrepropoo, kiftaf getachew and company. And Meshrefet is not giving them credit for releasing him, he is making him a hero who escaped straight from the shot-down plane and reached Debrzeit by himself.

The 15,000 Ethiopian POW Soldiers, among whom were 1200 officers including 3 generals, that debrepropoor and co released a few months ago came back to Tigray and devastated Tigray much worse than any other soldiers

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