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The problem with Amhara activists

Post by Noble Amhara » 08 Apr 2021, 01:06

Amhara activists r on the wrong track

Amhara activists do not want to take responsibility that Abiy Ahmed is not the caretaker of Amharas

Amhara needs to be independent no longer dependant on the government that is slavery

NAMA is also a slave group of the government how can a Oromo government protect a minority hated ethnic group 24/7 in the Oromia rebel regions

All Amhara leave welega hararghe arsi and go to Gondar Gojjam Shewa Wolo

Amhara for independence is what Amhara slave activists do not understand

Amhara Liyu Hayl is a example of NON POLITICAL Amharas as well as FANO they r not activists they do not whine to foreigners they do not copy the dirty rascal tegrats. Fano and Liyu Hayl is real Amhara independence

Do you see how embarrassing Amhara activists are becoming they are copying everything the dirty tegrats do
The white man is a colonizer and will never be our friend unless their money is sent to Amhara self-reliance. Amhara can never be friend with a welega Jimma arsi or bale Oromo they are simply haters 4eva

NAMA IQ is very low they are not a threat to tigray or to any ethnic the Aben pride themselves on reporting the unfortunate situation Amharas in to the White Man how low can they get? No armed Revolution no relocation no solution? Just telling a dead ferenji? Fck nama

Amhara Liyu Hayl can revenge any enemy of Amhara even cleanse them from this planet it’s not a crime to clean the weeds from your backyard

Amhara Mass Media should start opening GoFundMe’s use Amhara diaspora wealth to build new towns across Amhara region for displaced Amharas.

Amhara bank should also be called

There is no other solution or choice for freedom independence liberty and pride other then this

Liyu Hayl
Amhara Reunion

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