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Abiy Ahmed once again proving that he can't lead Ethiopia

Post by Roman » 07 Apr 2021, 13:19

Instead of focusing on rebuilding the armed forces and acquiring newer weapons he's posting cat and dog videos on Twitter. This guy should just step down and let someone more qualified take the prime minister position.

From hero in 2018 to zero in 2021.

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Re: Abiy Ahmed once again proving that he can't lead Ethiopia

Post by EthioRedSea » 07 Apr 2021, 13:31

He was zero in the beginning too. He is hand-picked by Egypt to dismantle Ethiopia. We need to force him to leave the office. PP should be outlawed. Actions against Pente costal groups is necessary as he and Prophet Birtukan used Pente Costal followers to overthrow EPRDF. EPRDF is not good and should not be back to power. But Abiy shouldnot have been allowed to lead Ethiopia. It is a shame our people are blinded by ethnic hatred against Tigrayans. Eritrea used it and now eritrea is in fact controlling Ethiopia. The amhara elites are stupid really. They should have opposed Eritrea's interference. Power could have been transferred peacefully to another political party by conducting fair election. Now Ethiopia is in a bad state. Shame!

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