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How many museums does Ethiopia have?

Post by DefendTheTruth » 12 Jan 2021, 17:23

It is unfortunate that we claim to be an anient people and as such should have started to invent already possibly before all others, to sustain our lives all along but still we don't know much about our past tools and "inventions" or the tools that we opted for and understand why we did so.

I was thinking recently about farm tools and the possibility of creating a museum for such vital tools that very much sustained our past and present lives.

Those who have got cars create museums for cars, we have our traditional and manual primitive tools that sustained our lives all along and as such we should document and keep and pass it to the next generation and show the rest what we have been doing all along.

Here someone took an initiative to kick-start such endavour on his own and this should be encouraged and given more focus by the goverrnment.

We should know about out past to steer our future's life course.

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