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"Sebhat & Abay woldu etc were arrested a long time ago in their houses in mekele"

Post by Cigar » 12 Jan 2021, 13:50

Agames are stupid so much so that they are admitting that living in their comfort in their houses in mekele do not take shower, do not shave their ugly faces, do not put clean cloth by fooling them selves that these dirty or Madagascar monkey looking woyane shiftas were arrested in their expensive and beautiful homes.
Man for sure the agames are created to entertain us.
Agames stop saying:
"We don't give a fu*ck, that thing we see flying in the sky is a goat"
Goats don't fly.
How can one reason with known pathalogical liars?
Admit it these thugs run away, carried to where only monkeys only can get and probably the monkeys told the ethio army and Amhara militia for occupying their space and hence collected the reward money.
Monkeys are smarter than these shifta woyanes.

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